Saturday, February 17, 2007

My New Spider Plant

The weather here is just so lovely. It's been in the high 60's and low 70's and nice and sunny. My only hope is it will last. Unfortunately, the weatherman said that it will rain this Sunday :( It was good while it lasted though.

For Valentines, my fiancee bought me an African Violet. I don't like the idea of buying cut flowers since they'll be dead in a couple of days. An African violet will last me much longer than cut flowers. He also got me some gardening gloves, bearded iris bulbs, and a gardening pot (for the bulbs). It was a lovely and thoughtful gift!

In this weekend's ads, OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) had a 10% off sale on all seed starting supplies so I stopped in before work this morning. I didn't see anything I really wanted but instead i saw this beautiful spider plant. It was in a huge hanging pot and was so heavy to lift. I bought it for my grow shelves. It already had some baby spider plantlets, which I hope to pot up and make more spider plants as gifts. I'm going to try the propagating technique known as layering. I'm excited to see if it works!

I also transplanted some seedlings in bigger containers. I was using jiffy peat pellets and the roots were hanging out of the netting so I moved them to red plastic cups.

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