Thursday, February 8, 2007

Flower Seed Starting

Last night, I started some more seeds! I looked at the various seed packets I was going to grow this spring and saw that I should be starting some flowers since it takes a while for it to germinate (8-10 weeks). Eek...I'm in the seed starting mood! I should be starting more seeds next week and the last week of February.

This is what I started:

  • Marigold Safari Mix
  • Tomato (Jelly Bean Hybrid)
  • Zinnia Thumbellina mixed colors
  • Snap Dragon Tall Deluxe Mixed Colors
  • Creeping Daisy
  • Snap Dragon 1st Ladies Mixed Colors
  • Petunia Pearls Azure Blue Hybrid
  • Petunia Prism Sunshine Hybrid

The top of my fridge is bombarded with all these trays and containers full of jiffy pellets or seed soil! I'm glad I have a stock pile of jiffy pellets!

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