Sunday, February 4, 2007

First Gardening Experience

I thought I would create a blog for all my gardening experiences and as a journal for future reference. This is my first post. Here we go...

My first gardening experience was in 2005. I went out and bought a Jade plant and a Hawaiian schelferra for my apartment. I then wanted to grow some chives so I went out and bought some seeds for $.79 and a jiffy pellet set with 12 spots for peat pellets. Since then, I have been hooked with gardening. At first, I was more interested in vegetable gardening but now I'm into anything that grows! I soaked the little pellets and planted the chive seeds being careful to get at least 1-2 seeds in each pellet. I stuck it on top of my fridge and a couple of days later, they sprouted. I left them on top of my fridge because I wanted them to get bigger. That was my first gardening mistake. The seedlings became leggy and to correct that error, I used an old college lamp I had to give it some light.

Here is a look of my chive seeds when they sprouted.

This is my first plant I grew from seed! Chives. They were super easy and it looks like they're growing quite well.

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