Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last Frost Day

I harvested some radishes and lettuce the other day and I made a yummy salad for dinner. I've noticed that radishes grow really well in the sun rather than the shade. They grow much faster and bigger!

Today is the last frost date for my area. Yeah!!! After I get off from work today, I want to plant the various variety of tomato plants (Supersweet 100, Large Cherry, Marglobe and Roma) in the ground or in their own individual pots. I'm going to put plastic around the tomatoes in the ground for added insurance. The seedlings have been doing well in their pots but I think it's time they get some time in the dirt. The sooner they get in the ground, the sooner we get tomatoes!

I'm going to leave my cool weather (swiss chard, radish, lettuce and onions) plants in the ground so that means the tomatoes will have to share the ground with the other plants until the c-w plants mature.

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