Sunday, March 23, 2008

Garden Chores and More 03-23-08

Marglobe Tomato seedling 52 days (click to enlarge)

Yesterday, I planted my tomatoes in the ground. I planted tiny Tim, jelly bean, fireball, sweet gold, supersweet, black cherry, marglobe, red and gold, and roma tomatoes. Most of these are cherry tomatoes. We love cherry tomatoes in our salads and my husband loves eating them plain so why not. I plan on planting another marglobe tomato seedling soon. I hope to have enough tomatoes to save seed and also to make sauce and salsa.

Today, I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing my garden. I picked up all the empty pots and stacked them in each other, picked up tools (shovels, rakes, shears, etc) and put them in a nice heavy pot, moved dirt around and just the ordinary garden chores. It was hot in the sun I found and I kept coming in to cool down and get a drink of water. I ended up waiting until it was almost sun down to go outside and finish my chores. It was bearable and not too hot.

I also planted more lemon balm, thyme broadleaf, cilantro, dill, chives, fennel, 4 o clocks, arrugula-rocket, and Kentucky blue pole beans. I was hoping to plant more oregano but I couldn’t find my packet of seeds. I know it’s here somewhere. Maybe I need to organize my garden things indoors! Eek. Well, I guess that it’s for today. Check back tomorrow for more updates or better yet, subscribe to my blog by signing up here here to get updates. Talk to you soon and as always, happy gardening!


Anonymous said...


I am new to gardening. I would like to swap seeds or plants if at all possible, perhaps plants will not work. But, how do you get on a list to swap seeds with other people. Please email me to let me know.


Zoe said...


I'm leaving a comment here to answer the questions you put on my flickr page regarding Territorial Seed. (I haven't figured out the comment on a comment thing yet.) The 1 oz. sampler of the Kentucky Blue pole beans ($2.05) has over 100 beans in it! (I just counted it.) I haven't sowed them yet...I was planning on doing it in a week or so due to frost dangers (it's recommended for direct sow) but I've been happy with the progress on the tomatoes and Brussels sprouts I've started inside. I've also started the peppers, but have had little germination inside. It may be that my house is too cold and I'll direct sow them outside once it warms up.

Happy gardening!

Stratoz said...

found you through flickr where you just signed on to be a contact of mine.

I must be far north of you because I have a while before my tomatoes go outside.

Gardening for Fun said...

Zoe, thanks for replying so quickly. I'll have to order bean seeds from them. What a great deal!

stratoz, I'm in California. What zone are you in?

Leane R. Owen said...

Hi There,

I just started a backyard garden and I planted marglobe tomato seeds about 2 weeks ago but I haven't seen anything pop up yet. Most everything else in the garden has started to poke through but not the tomatoes. I thought, since you have experience with this type of tomato, you might be able to tell me if this is typical. I live in Arizona and the days are anywhere from low 70's to high 80's during the day this time of year. Any help or advice that you can offer me would be greatly appreciated :)