Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cucumbers and Squash are Sprouting

Goldenbush Zucchini Seedling (10 days)

The cucumbers I planted last Sunday are finally sprouting. It took them around a week to pop their cute little heads out of the soil. This spring, I am going to try my hand at Square Foot Gardening and am going to vertically train the cucumbers up along my fence. I love cucumbers so I'm growing a lot to ensure ample production (12 seeds). I'm also growing early prolific squash in a self-watering container as well as in the ground. We'll see how well each does this season!

Yesterday, I brought in some tomato and jalapeno seedlings in for my coworkers. The funny thing was when I was walking to work with my box full of seedlings, everyone stopped me and asked me if I was selling them. Um...another entrepreneurial opportunity? Nah, maybe next year! It was such a compliment though b/c it said something about my seedlings: they looked good enough to buy!


Chris The Gardener said...

Your cuke seedlings look great! I'm also going to give trellising a try this year. Last years cukes just spread all over the ground!

Great blog! I can't wait to compare notes as the season progresses.

Gardening for Fun said...

I like your blog too. Hopefully, the cucumbers will produce a lot!